PCP or Family Doctor

Family Physicians are dedicated to treating the patient as a whole.
Primary Care Physicians or PCP’s treat and follow each organ, all ages, all diseases, and both genders.

Your Family Physician is there to guide you and to coordinate all aspects of care.  They will work with you to achieve the best outcome for each patient.

Obstetrics –gynecology these Physicians and ARNP’s address aspects of women’s health.  They focus on women including pre pubertal, reproductive, and post menopausal years.

Orthopedic physicians focus on musculoskeletal system, Deformities, Injuries, and degenerative diseases.

Cardiovascular/ Cardiologists these Physicians take care of your heart and Vascular System.

As a Music Director and conductor direct the Symphony Orchestra, the Family Physician or PCP Coordinates care for the Patient. Everyone needs a PCP to help coordinate their personal care. PCP wants to provide the best possible care for each patient.  Bring and ask your PCP or Family Physician questions and your concerns, which is what they are for.  Each patient needs to be involved with their plan of care. Most PCP set up a 15-20 minute appointment, time for a couple of problems.  If you have several problems you may ask for a longer appointment or set up two.  You need to let the scheduler know you have several things to talk about so they can decide how long appointment should be or if you need two appointments


Denise Grandgenett, RN

Health Coach

Adair County Health System

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    Planning ahead about what you are going to ask from your doctor is helpful. You can write them down then you make sure you won’t forget anything.

  2. Posted April 15, 2015 at 11:07 pm | Permalink

    I would really like to find a good family physician to be the PCP for my family. Then we could be sure that all of us were in good physical health. It would also be great to have a good family doctor in case one of us got sick, because then we would know who to go to. Now I just need to find a good clinic where I can find some good family doctors. Thanks for sharing more about what family doctors do!

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    hi.thanks for sharing this post.
    good luck

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