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Adair County Ambulance is part of the Adair County Health System located in Greenfield, IA.  We are a small county hospital ambulance service that responds to all types of emergency and non-emergency calls throughout Adair County. Adair County Ambulance is the primary Advanced Life Support (ALS) Service, providing service to the nearly 8,500 residents of Adair County and transport service for Adair County Memorial Hospital where we are housed. Along with providing ALS coverage for the county, crew members in conjunction with the nursing staff provide care to patients in the hospital Emergency Room.

Adair County Ambulance is staffed on a 24/7 basis with a paramedic, ready to respond to any emergency at a moments notice.  We also provide fire standby during structure and working fires for the local volunteer departments throughout the county.  Currently the Adair County Ambulance has two ALS ambulances giving us the capability of providing simultaneous 911 and inter facility medical transportation when needed

Ambulance Contact:
Roberta Carpenter
Phone: 641-743-2123