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Adair County Health System is committed to the health of the citizens of Adair County. The mission of our public health services is to promote, preserve, enhance and protect the health and well-being of all persons of the community. This department represents Adair County in advocating for public health functions, programs, & services, including bioterrorism and county disaster preparedness. We work closely with the county Board of Health & are a funding source for community needs assessments. Services provided by Adair County Public Health include:

  • Free Blood Pressure Screening
  • Disease Follow-up: a community service to prevent disease outbreak & epidemics. This includes:
    1. - Immunizations and vaccines for all ages
      - Education Programs
      - Flu vaccination clinics
  • Health Promotion Services - including:
    1. - Provide parental information and lead screens
      - Breast and Cervical Cancer awareness/assistance with screenings
      - Community Health Fairs
      - Tobacco Prevention education and referral
      - Certified Application Counselor - assistance with applying for health insurance through the Marketplace

Immunization Schedule for Infants & Children

If you would have an event or meeting that you would like screenings or educational information at, please contact us!
We would love to participate!

To contact Adair County Public Health:
Stephanie Claussen, Community Health Coordinator
Call: 641-743-7205

Visit our office:
117 NW Hayes  |  Greenfield, IA 50849
Email: sclaussen@adaircountyhomecare.org

  • Iowa Department of Public Health > CLICK HERE
  • Center of Disease Control and Prevention > CLICK HERE
  • Flu.gov > CLICK HERE
  • Care for Yourself Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program > CLICK HERE
  • Federal Emergency Management Agency > CLICK HERE
  • Iowa Homeland Security > CLICK HERE
  • To sign up for the Adair/Guthrie County Emergency Notification System > CLICK HERE
  • To apply for health insurance, or for assistance > CLICK HERE  |  CALL: 1-800-318-2596