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That Adair County Memorial Hospital offers a wide range of surgeries right here in Greenfield!  We have highly qualified surgeons on staff that are here to serve your needs.  We don’t put you in a chair to wait before and after a surgery – you and your loved ones can wait privately in one of our spacious patient rooms. 

ACHS SurgeryProcedures at ACMH include:
General- hernias, laparoscopic procedures (gallbladder, ovarian cyst, exploratory, etc.) hemorrhoids, cysts, lipoma, or lesion excision, port placements,          appendectomies, upper and lower endoscopies
Ear, Nose, & Throat- tonsils/adenoids, ear tubes, nasal surgeries
Plastics- lesion excisions (previously biopsied)
Podiatry- hammer toes, bunions, toe amputations
Hand Surgery- carpel tunnel and trigger finger

Surgeons at ACMH
Ryan Roe, D.O. – General
Tim Piearson, D.O. – Family Practice
Glen Hanson, M.D. – Special Procedures
Kathrine Frush, DPM – Podiatry
Tracey Wellendorf, M.D. – ENT
Ronald Bergman, D.O. – Plastic, Hand
Michael Gainer, MD – Hand

For questions or contact the Surgery Department at 641-743-7240