A Clinic Triage Nurse

Do you ever have a question about your health that you are not sure what to do about? Or are you feeling ill and not sure when to see your provider?  These are great times to talk to your clinic triage nurse.

The clinic triage nurse will help you with general questions about your health and help determine the type of care you may need.  Whether you are in the clinic or call in, the triage nurse can help you decide what needs to be done and provide another line of communication between you and your health care provider.  The nurse will gather the needed information by listening and discussing your symptoms. This helps determine the best course of action whether it be to come to the clinic and see your provider, monitor your symptoms, or be seen in the emergency room.   Providing enough information to the triage nurse gives your provider the opportunity to make the best decision with you for your healthcare needs.

If you have another question after an appointment that you forgot to ask, need to clarify instructions, or miss a call from your provider or their nurse/medical assistant and don’t want to “play phone tag” to get the information?  No problem! Call the clinic triage nurse.  Your provider and their nurse/medical assistant work hard to be available for their patients, but we know the clinic can be a busy place.  It can be hard to reach them by phone at times.  When you call to the clinic, you can talk with the triage nurse and they may be able to give you the information at that time.  If the triage nurse is unable to answer a question, they can relay the question to your provider and sometimes reduce the wait time on responses back to you.

Overall the triage nurse is there to assess a situation, give advice as appropriate, and assist your provider in making sure that as a patient you are getting the best care option available.

Written by:
Paige Clayton, RN
Adair County Medical Clinic – Triage Nurse

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