Everyone Has Something To Give


One of my favorite quotes is from Barbara Bush, “Some people give time, some money, some skills and connections, some literally their life’s blood.   But everyone has something to give.”

My entire life I have always believed this.   From a young age, I went with my Grandma and Mom to a lot of volunteer things.   At the time, I was not thrilled about spending my Saturday cooking for the Pork Producers, cleaning up at the Fairgrounds, being in the parade for the hospital and countless other things.   But looking back, I am blessed I had this opportunity.    It made me into the person I am today, and I truly believe everyone has something to give.    You don’t have to be rich to give back to the community you are in.    Even giving a smile to someone you know is having a bad day, taking time to visit your elderly neighbor or volunteering for a committee in your community can make a difference.

Being the Foundation Director at Adair County Health System, I experience first-hand how much a financial donation can help a non-profit organization.   Year after year, I see new donors and get to connect with past donors.   It is never about the donation amount, but more the thought behind the donation.   We are honored to provide quality healthcare for our rural community, but also blessed to be supported by our local rural community.    A generous community that gives their hard-earned money to be able to keep their hospital and clinic local.

What amazes me even more about the healthcare community at the hospital is that each year our own employees donate to the Adair County Health Foundation to help fund the organization.    Until I worked in healthcare, I didn’t realize this type of giving environment even existed.    This really shows what compassionate and dedicated employees we have at Adair County Health System.

I would like to challenge each and every one of you to give something back to your community this week.   Something good like a donation to non-profit, a smile, pick trash up from the park, help someone who is struggling or start volunteering with a local organization.

Tiffany Johnson

Adair County Health System

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