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Shopping Local and Using Resources

I’ve always lived in this same small town.  Maybe that makes my world a little narrow but I don’t think so.  I think it makes me a conscientious member of an elite group, with concern for one another and our environment.  We see evidence of this every time something happens in our small communities, be it tragic or joyous.  We band together and help one another or celebrate together whichever the case may be.  In our everyday lives we also have the opportunity to exercise our choice to live in these wonderful communities by supporting the local businesses and services provided here.

Top 10 Reasons to Support Locally Owned Businesses

Community well-being

Locally owned businesses build strong communities by sustaining town centers and social relationships.

Personal Connection

Local business owners know you, and you know them.

Support for non-profits

Studies have shown that local businesses donate to community causes at more than twice the rate of [ ]

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Holiday Food Safety Tips

Practice food safety this holiday season as well as throughout the year.

Have a plan. Consider oven space, refrigerator space and your menu. Keep hot foods 141° or higher and cold foods at 41° or below.
Remember to defrost your meat in the refrigerator, under cool running water or in the microwave.
Keep foods separated. Keep meats, poultry, seafood and eggs separate from all other foods in the refrigerator. This will help keep juices from the meats from dripping onto other foods.
Wash your hands before, during and after food preparation.
Wash all produce before using.
Do not eat raw dough or batter, unless you use pasteurized eggs for dishes containing raw eggs.
Cook foods to proper temperatures. Remember to reheat food to 165° or higher.
Use ice to keep cold foods cold and heated elements such as a crock pot to keep hot foods hot.
Refrigerate leftovers within two hours of preparation.

Remember to cool hot items properly. If [ ]

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Everyone Has Something To Give


One of my favorite quotes is from Barbara Bush, “Some people give time, some money, some skills and connections, some literally their life’s blood.   But everyone has something to give.”

My entire life I have always believed this.   From a young age, I went with my Grandma and Mom to a lot of volunteer things.   At the time, I was not thrilled about spending my Saturday cooking for the Pork Producers, cleaning up at the Fairgrounds, being in the parade for the hospital and countless other things.   But looking back, I am blessed I had this opportunity.    It made me into the person I am today, and I truly believe everyone has something to give.    You don’t have to be rich to give back to the community you are in.    Even giving a smile to someone you know is having a bad day, taking time to visit your elderly neighbor [ ]

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Developing a rash that doesn’t go away? Consider contacting your provider.

Psoriasis causes red, scaly, raised patches on the skin – most commonly on the outside of elbows, knees, and scalp. The exact cause is unknown; however, the immune system and genetics play a key role in developing this disease. Psoriasis is not contagious, and the skin lesions are not infectious. While you can manage symptoms of Psoriasis, there is no cure.

Signs & Symptoms:

·         Red patches of skin with thick, silvery scales

·         Itching, soreness, or burning

·         Swollen and stiff joints

·         Dry, cracked skin

·         Thickened, ridged or pitted nails

Diagnosis is made from an examination by your provider or dermatologist, sometimes a biopsy may be taken.

Treatments include:

·         Topicals – Applied to skin. Usually the first treatment option.

·         Phototherapy – Exposing the skin to ultraviolet light in a Psoriasis clinic, doctor’s office, or at home with phototherapy unit.

·         Systemics – Taken orally or [ ]

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Halloween Safety


Halloween Tips

The spooky time of Halloween is just around the corner!  Here at ACMH we want our community to have a safe and fun holiday. So, here are some tips for your trick-or-treaters.

Costume safety is important. Such as, wearing appropriate fitting clothing, make sure they are the right length and size.  Another safety tip is to wear bright, reflective clothing. This is to make it easier to see drivers to see pedestrians. Masks can obstruct someone’s vision making it harder to see crossing a street, or going up a porch. Try using non-toxic face paint.

The most popular times for trick-or-treating are between the times of 5:30pm-9:30pm. If your child is under the age of 12, it is recommended that they have adult supervision. Traveling in groups is also a good idea. Also, only go to houses with the porch light that are on. If you are [ ]

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Things To Do At Home For Common Cold

The common cold affects numerous people each year, and even the same person multiple times per year. Most colds are due to a viral infection, but the term “cold” was coined as most of these viruses occur during cold weather seasons. There are multiple strains of viruses, but Rhinovirus is the most common. You can catch these viral illnesses via air droplets. For example, if someone who is infected with a virus coughs and does not cover their mouth, you could be at risk for inhaling those infected respiratory droplets. It can also be spread by hand-to-hand contact; this is why washing your hands is the number one way to prevent viral illnesses.

Common symptoms of colds or viral illnesses include cough, runny nose, congestion, sore throat, headache, earache and even low-grade fever. Because these symptoms are viral, they are usually self-limiting but it may not always feel like that. [ ]

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The Buzz About Bacteria


The thought that bacteria are beneficial can be a tough concept to understand. We use antibacterial hand soaps, lotions and take antibiotics to kill harmful bacterial infections. But did you know that the right type of bacteria, in the right place, can have benefits?

Our bodies have “good” bacteria and “harmful” bacteria. To maintain optimal health, the correct balance between the two must be met. Growing scientific evidence suggests you can treat and even prevent some illnesses with foods and supplements containing probiotics. Did you know that 70-80 percent of your entire immune system is located in your gut!

So, what steps can you take to increase your probiotic intake? First of all, consume more probiotic-rich foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, and aged soft cheeses. Getting a good, high-quality fiber diet can facilitate and aid in maintaining a balance in gut health. Lastly, taking a quality probiotic supplement is [ ]

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Should I Get My Flu Shot?


Annual flu vaccination is recommended for everyone 6 months and older as the best way to protect against influenza.  By getting a yearly flu vaccine, you can protect yourself from illness, and protect those around you.  Adair County Health System will be offering the flu vaccine this fall following clinic appointments, scheduled clinics and in the schools, as vaccine becomes available. It is recommended to get the influenza vaccine early in the season, as it takes a couple weeks for your body to respond to the antigen in the vaccine, to build immunity.    Quadrivalent vaccine is available this season which covers 4 strains of influenza as well as the High Dose trivalent for those age 65 and older.  High Dose flu vaccine has a higher antigen count to help build a better response for weakened immune systems.  Those age 65 and older may also need pneumonia vaccine and this [ ]

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Acid Reflux


When should I see a provider:

Your symptoms are severe or last a long time
You cannot seem to control your symptoms
You have had symptoms for many years


You should also see a doctor or nurse right away if you:

Have trouble swallowing, or feel as though food gets “stuck” on the way down
Lose weight when you are not trying to
Have chest pain
Choke when you eat
Vomit blood or have bowel movements that are red, black, or look like tar

Acid reflux is when the acid that is normally in your stomach backs up into the esophagus which is the tube that carries food from your mouth to your stomach.  Another term for acid reflux is “gastroesophageal reflux disease,” or GERD.

What are the symptoms of acid reflux?

Burning in the chest, known as heartburn
Burning in the throat or an acid taste in the throat
Stomach or chest pain
Trouble swallowing
Having a raspy voice or a sore throat
Unexplained cough

Things [ ]

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Sesonal Allergies


Iowa’s four seasons each bring a myriad of symptoms for seasonal allergy suffers.  These symptoms can range from itchy eyes and throats, sinus headaches, a decreased sense of smell, fatigue, congested nasal passages, sneezing, wheezing or an increase in asthma, or  hives.

The key to managing these symptoms is to reduce your exposure to the allergy trigger, if it is known.  Often, you can attempt to correlate the onset of your symptoms with recent activities to try to come up with a possible trigger.

If your allergy is due to outdoor exposures to ragweed, which is prevalant in the fall, attempt to stay indoors, especially on windy days.  If mowing the lawn or working with weeds or gardening chores, where a mask.  When you come inside, remove your clothing and shower to rinse the allergens from your body and hair.  If you are unable to immediately shower, make sure [ ]

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