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Disposal Option for Unwanted Medications

Last month an article published by the American Chemical Society noted that during 2011 roughly 4 billion prescriptions were written in the United States.  With so many prescriptions generated, you probably have unwanted, unused or outdated medication lurking in your medicine cabinet.  So, how can you safely dispose of these medications?  Do you flush them, throw them away or just keep them in your cabinet forever?  The most responsible choice would be none of these. 
Prescription medications, even in small doses, can be very dangerous if accidentally consumed by humans or animals.  An additional concern is that these unwanted prescription drugs get in the wrong hands, a growing problem in the United States, especially among teenagers.  Medications that are put in the trash can be picked out by drug abusers, leftover medications in your home can be tempting to others, and medications flushed down the toilet can end up in our [ ]

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