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Small Changes Can Make Large Impacts – Healthy Cooking


By changing a few simple things in your diet, you can see big rewards.  Here are a few hints:

·        Use oil to replace fat in cooking and baking.

·        Use applesauce to replace equal amounts of oil in recipes for quick breads and brownies.

·        Substitute fat free milk for whole milk in cooking and baking.

·        Trim all visible fat from meat.  Bake, broil, roast or stew meat.  Drain and discard the fat.

·        Use spray oil (Pam) for frying.

·        Use coated skillets which require less fat.

·        Substitute fat free milk cheese for regular cheese.

·        Baking cocoa can replace baking chocolate.

·        Substitute plain low-fat yogurt for sour cream.

·        Use salt substitutes such as Mrs. Dash, Tones, etc.

Fats and sweets should be used sparingly in your diet.  These foods include salad dressings, cream, butter, margarine, sugars, soft drinks, candies and sweet desserts. Alcoholic beverages provide only calories and few vitamins and [ ]

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