Photo Contest

Can Your Photo Heal?

Whether you consider yourself a photographer or someone who just enjoys taking high-quality snapshots for fun, we want your photos!

ACHS works to create a healing environment for our patients and their families. We are excited to bring more of our service area communities inside the hospital. Share your images to help treat our patients’ minds and hearts. These images may include private or public: landscapes and nature, buildings and structures, parks and landmarks, or still life photography from any season. To be respectful and sensitive to the hospital environment, we are requesting pictures have no visible faces of people.

We prefer photos of Adair County and the surrounding areas, so please submit photos taken within 60 miles of Greenfield, IA. Each photo must be accompanied by a brief description, as well as the location of where the photo was taken.

Entries must be:


Patients find themselves waiting in the hospital. Your photo could be a positive distraction people need during their time at ACHS as they wait for an appointment, test results, or hear they are going home. An image can take us away for a moment to a cherished memory or location we’d like to visit.

Submission Guidelines

Photo Subjects & Colors:
Subjects: Include private or public landscapes and nature, buildings and structures, parks and landmarks, and still life photography from any season. No people or faces in the photos. Entries should represent the communities and surrounding areas listed.

Color: Photos can be in color or black and white. Please submit the version you feel is best.

Photo Formats:
Entries should be submitted as a .jpeg or high resolution, and 3000×4000 pixels at 300 dpi, 3MB or larger. Due to the large size of the final prints displayed in the hospital, we are not able to accept cell phone photos.

Submission Requirements
Please submit your files on a CD, flash drive, or website. Include the Consent Form with your submission. Multiple entries (each image constitutes one entry) may be submitted on the same CD, flash drive, or via email but each image must have a separately completed Consent Form. There is no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit.

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions may be delivered to the ACHS Business Office or they may be emailed to: tiffjohnson@adaircountyhealthsystem.org with the subject line of Featured Art Photo Submission or Adair County Memorial Hospital 609 SE Kent Greenfield, IA 50849.

Each selected entry will be displayed in Adair County Health System’s facility. The entrant’s name will be captioned. Selected photographers may also be honored on adaircountyhealthsystem.org, Facebook, and in other ACHS publications/materials.


Please contact:
Tiffany Johnson
Marketing/Foundation Director
609 SE Kent | Greenfield, IA 50849